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Neostrata Cream High Power Anti-Aging Retexturing Moisturizer 30g

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NEOSTRATE CREAM High power anti-aging moisturizing is a daily care that attenuates the main signs of photo envelving. Dried and aged skin.

Neostrata Cream High Power Anti-Ayment Moisturizer 30gr


Neostrata Cream High Power Anti-Aging RetexTrising Moisturizer It is a daily care that attenuates the main Signs of face photoing. With a high concentration of AHA (glycolic acid), it helps to reteurize the skin, while reducing fine lines, wrinkles and clear hyperpigmentations. Intensive anti-age action helps to stimulate natural collagen production. Increases the natural brightness of the skin. With antioxidant action, revitalizes, improves firmness and fighting oxidative damage. Improves the texture of the skin in general. Not comedogenic. For normal dry skin.


Neostrata Cream high power anti-aging moisturizing moisturizing has a untilious texture, which blows with the skin. Formulated with 18% glycolic acid that exfolia skin, alisa wrinkles, retextrains and standardizes the complexion, 3% of lactobiotic acid and vitamin E in synergy illuminate, protect, hydrate and rejuvenate skin.


hydrated skin, nourished, rejuvenated and retexurated and luminous.

Advice use

Apply Neostrata Cream High Power Anti-Enveling Moisturizer At night, on the skin face, neck and neckline, perfectly clean and dry, with a soft massage.

Note: Always use a sunscreen, for the desired effect of anti-aging.

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