Klorane Toning Awakening Serum 50ml

Klorane Toning Awakening Serum 50ml

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Klorane Serum Despertar Tonifying is an ultra light serum that helps to tone, moisturize and smooth the skin of the face. A hydration shot, formulated with 97% natural ingredients.


Klorane Awakening Toning Serum 50ml


Klorane Awakening Toning Serum is a light and fresh serum that provides a intensive hydration, while toning and smoothing the skin. Revitalizes the complexion and deeply hydrates it. Thanks to its texture and composition with 97% natural ingredients , it calms and comforts the skin. Helps to protect against daily external aggressions. Moisturizing, decongestant, antioxidant and toning action. For all skin types, with signs of dehydration and tiredness.


Klorane Toning Awakening Serum has an aqua texture -gel very light and fresh. Formulated with cyan flower water, hyaluronic acid of plant origin.


Hydrated, soft, toned and revitalized skin.

How to Use

Apply Klorane Serum Awakening Toning , morning and evening, on the skin of the face, perfectly clean and dry, with a gentle massage.

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