Klorane Solid Champo 80g Oatmeal

Klorane Solid Champo 80g Oatmeal

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Klorane Oat Solid Champo is a solid, biodegradable and extra-soft shampoo cleaning and moisturizes all kinds of hair.


klorane oats solid oats


klorane oatmeal shampoo is a solid and biodegradable shampoo proposal , which cleans and moisturizes all kinds of hair. Clean, massage and nourish hair and scalp. It creates a soft foam, which washes and helps to uneven hair. Vegan and ecological. Easy use and transportation. Ideal for traveling. For all kinds of hair.


klorane oat solid shampoo has a solid format (similar to a soap) and rich texture, with a aroma Sweet manga. Formulated with oats, formulated with ripe oats, rich in moisturizing, softening and protective properties.


Clean, soft and bright hair.

Usage advice

Place the solid shampoo bar under running water. Scrub klorane oatmeal shampoo with palms to create foam or scrub directly in the hair. Spread the shampoo uniformly in the hair and rinse abundantly with water. Let the shampoo dry naturally.

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