Depuralina Fiber 20 Sachets

Depuralina Fiber 20 Sachets

Depuralina Fiber Sachets is a food supplement designed to promote proper bowel function and help with irregular bowel movements.
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Depuralina Fiber 20 Sachets


Depuralina Fiber Sachets is a food supplement that helps regulate and stimulate intestinal transit being ideal for people with slow intestinal transit.


Depuralina Fiber Sachets is formulated with Acacia gum, Inulin and Sene and high fibre content. The Inulin is a type of fibre that is responsible for absorbing fluids, making stools softer to ensure proper intestinal transit. The Sene is an herb with a mild laxative effect. The Acacia gum may have a positive influence on intestinal health. Pleasant apple flavour.


Good bowel function.

Common Directions for Use

Ingest 1 sachet of Depuralin Fiber Sachets per day diluted in a glass (200ml) of water, milk, juice, tea or yoghurt.

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