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Lierac Pack Premium Voluptuous Cream...

Lierac Pack Premium Voluptuous Cream 50ml + Premium 15ml eye contour cream

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The Premium Lierac Pack consists of: 50ml voluptuous cream + 15ml eye contour cream.

Lierac Pack Premium Voluptuous Cream 50ml + Premium 15ml Eye Contour Cream

Lierac Premium Voluptuous Cream 50ml

Lierac Premium Voluptuous Cream is a cream Absolute anti-age that corrects all age signs - wrinkles, flaccidity and stains. Enriched with a highly nutritious concentrate, nourishes the skin intensely for exception comfort.

15ml eye contour cream

Lierac Premium Eye contour cream is a global anti-aging regenerating care, which fights the main signs of contour age From the eyes. Alisa wrinkles, moisturizes the skin and reduces chats and dark circles.

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