Klorane Ylang Ylang Oil Nourishing...

Klorane Ylang Ylang Oil Nourishing Protective Hair Exposed to Sun 100ml

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Klorane Ylang Ylang Oil has been formulated to protect and repair hair exposed to the sun. With Ylang Ylang's nourishing wax to nourish and protect capillary fiber from salt, chlorine and sand while protecting against solar radiation.

Klorane Ylang Ylang Oil Nourishing Protective Hair Exposed to Sun 100ml


Klorane's Yalang Ylang Hair Care Oil is specially designed to protect and nourish hair subject to sun exposure. For all hair types even painted or with locks.


Formulated with wax from Ylang Ylang, a very effective natural protector, rich in nutritious fatty acids that ensure a double protection, internal and external to the hair exposed to the sun. Nourishes and protects and capillary fiber to repair the drying effects of the sun's rays. With high UV protection ensures a multi protective effect.


The hair is smoother and easier to untangle, more supple, brighter and deliciously scented.

Instructions for use

Apply Klorane Ylang Ylang oil abundantly before and during sun exposure. It can be applied to dry or wet hair. Do not rinse after application.

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