Clarins Men Lotion Après-Rasage 100ml

Clarins Men Lotion Après-Rasage 100ml

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Clarins Men Lotion Après-Rasage is a lotion for after shaving that has in its composition extracts of purslane, Asiatic centella and Alpine blue thistle to purify, limit irritation and relieve razor burn.

Clarins Men Lotion Après-Rasage 100ml


Clarins Men Lotion Après-Rasage is an after-shave lotion that helps disinfect and soothes the burning sensation. Purifies, limits irritation and relieves razor burn. Progressively reduces skin irritation from shaving.


Clarins Men Lotion Après-Rasage formulated with extracts of purslane, Asiatic pennywort and Alpine blue thistle.


Skin is disinfected and fresh.

Common Directions for Use

Apply Clarins Men Lotion Après-Rasage the lotion for after shaving by lightly pressing all over the face. Apply to areas heated by shaving


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